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It’s Simple. We connect home buyers looking for new construction or recently built homes and condos in the Tampa area with the ideal home builder for their needs. Tampa New Homes is your new construction home specialist. Our team has lived and worked in the Tampa area for over 30 years. Our fully licensed team can provide you with the local knowledge for the perfect neighborhood. Our relationships with home builders in the Tampa area will help you get the best deal on new construction or recently finished homes and condos, plus even communities that haven’t hit the market yet. The best part is there is no cost to you.

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Tampa New Homes

At Tampa New Homes, we represent the new construction home buyer. The process of buying a new construction home, or even recently completed construction, is different than the typical real estate transaction. Our experts will help you navigate the 300+ Tampa area home builders and match you with the home builder that fits your needs. Our team will act as your agent and see you through every step of the process, from the first call to the closing.

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