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Finding a new construction home or condo in the Tampa area is complicated and sometimes overwhelming. Adding to the confusion, who do you work with to find your perfect home? Realtor? Real Estate Agent? The construction company’s agent? The team at Tampa New Homes are advisors. Our team is made up of licensed real estate professionals representing you. We’ve connected buyers with hundreds of new construction homes in the Tampa area, and we can guide you through every step of the process. The advantages of working with Tampa New Homes:

Help You Find Properties

One of the primary roles of Tampa New Homes is to help you find properties that meet your needs and budget. Finding the right property can involve scouring listing services, online real estate marketplaces, and other sources to identify properties that match your criteria. We don’t have listings, so our focus is the entire Tampa area, not homes on which we can make a larger commission. Our team members have lived in the Tampa area for more than 30 years. So, we can provide local knowledge on neighborhoods, schools, and other factors affecting your decision.

Protect Your Interests

The Tampa New Homes team focuses on representing you. Typically, a new home builder will have an agent representing them. We work solely for you and act in your best interests. We can provide insight into a builder’s reputation and track record. Builders vary widely in terms of quality, customer service, and reliability, and it can be difficult for buyers to know which ones to trust. We can help you research the builder’s reputation and track record. Our team will always provide honest and objective advice and work tirelessly to find the right new construction home in the right location at the right price. If any issues or disputes arise during the transaction, the team at Tampa New Homes will provide our expertise to resolve any issues.

Schedule Meetings, Attend Meetings, and Get the Best Deal

Once we’ve narrowed your choice of potential builders, our team will schedule property meetings and accompany you. Our team will help you understand what is negotiable and offer advice on how to get the best deal possible. Many builders offer a range of options for finishes, fixtures, and other features in their homes, and it can be difficult for you to know which ones are worth investing in and which are not. We guide you on which upgrades will likely add value to the home and which may not be worth the cost. When you find a property you want to purchase, we will help you get the best price. We will advise you on the right offer and terms and can help you craft an offer that reflects your interests and needs.

Complete the Purchase Process

Once an offer is accepted, we will help facilitate the purchase process. This process includes helping you secure financing, coordinating with inspectors, and ensuring all necessary paperwork is completed correctly and on time. In addition, we will help you understand their rights and obligations during the process and provide guidance on what to expect during closing.

Get in touch with us if you want additional details or if you’re looking to purchase a new construction home or condominium in the Tampa area.

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